School Council

Welcome to your School Council!

School Council (SC) is a collective association of parents, teachers, and administrators who work together for the betterment of the school community.  Among other important roles, school council dialogues with the principal on a variety of school matters. 

Every parent of a Lakeland Ridge student is automatically a member of school council and welcome to attend any, or all, of the SC's 8 meetings per school year.  The biggest benefit to attending meetings is being "plugged in."  School administration shares information and insight and uses the meetings as its primary means of gathering parent input.

Lakeland Ridge School Council Executive for 2023-2024

Chair ~ April Childs         Vice-chair ~ Theresa Bladon

Secretary ~ Kerri Holmes


Please see the documents below for agendas and minutes from future or past meetings.  

Monthly Agenda and Meeting Minutes


Sept Agenda

Sept Minutes



May Agenda

May Minutes

April Agenda

April Minutes

Feb Agenda 

Feb Minutes

Jan Agenda

Jan Minutes

Nov Agenda

Nov Minutes

Oct Agenda

Oct Minutes

Sept Agenda

Sept Minutes













Meeting DateMinutes
September 14 AgendaSeptember 14 Minutes
October 12 AgendaOctober 12 Minutes
November 16 AgendaNovember 16 Minutes
January 11 AgendaJanuary 11 MinutesTrustee Seutter ReportFebruary 2022February 8 AgendaFeb 8 Minutes
March 8 AgendaMarch Minutes
April 12 AgendaApril Minutes
May 10 AgendaMay Minutes

Meeting DateMinutes
September 2020 Agenda


Sept 8 Minutes


October 2020 AgendaOct 13 Minutes
November 2020 AgendaNov 17 Minutes
No Meeting
January 2021January 2021 AgendaJanuary 12 Minutes 
February 2021 AgendaFeb 9 Minutes
March 2021 AgendaMarch 9 Minutes
April 2021 AgendaApril 13, 2021
May Agenda 2021May 11,2021



September 2019




Agenda Minutes



No Meeting Was Held

May 2020 Agenda



LLR School Council By-laws

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