General Information for Junior High Programming

Lakeland Ridge Junior High Information Package 2020-21

Welcome to Junior High at Lakeland Ridge!

“We are a community of passionate leaders and empowered learners who respect diversity, embrace innovation, and inspire excellence.”


For those new to our school community, welcome! We are proud of our Lakeland Ridge wolf pack. We are an inclusive, active, and engaged school community. Lakeland Ridge is a K-9 school, built in 2004. We are a modern school, well-equipped with technology and learning resources to support staff and students. We have a dedicated and caring staff who build strong relationships with students and hold student’s and themselves to a high standard. Parent involvement at Lakeland Ridge is welcomed and encouraged. We have an active School Council and Parent Action Society.


Lakeland Ridge will have a new timetable for the 2020-21 school year. We will be running a 6-day, 6 period timetable. Each day will consist of six periods, period 1 will be 55 minutes, with periods 2-6 each 53 minutes in length. There will be four periods in the morning and two in the afternoon. Another change is that there is no homeroom to start the day. Instead, period one is 55 minutes, making time for morning announcements. The new bell schedule, along with a blank timetable can be found on the Lakeland Ridge Website


At lunch time, we operate as an “open campus” for junior high students. This means that students in grades 7-9 have the option to eat at school or leave the school grounds at lunch time. Students who choose to eat at school will eat lunch in designated areas in the school for the first half of the lunch hour and then have unstructured free time for the second half of the lunch hour. A limited number of microwaves are available for students to heat their food. Our school’s Parent Action Society organizes a hot lunch program that students can also participate in. 


Programming for junior high students will remain the same as in the past. All junior high students will take a combination of “core” courses and “complementary” courses.

Core courses are courses that all students take as mandated by Alberta Education. They are English Language Arts, Health, Math, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies.

Below are the number of blocks per subject in a 6-day cycle.


Number of Blocks in a 6-Day Cycle

English Language Arts






Physical Education




Social Studies


Complementary Courses



Complementary courses are courses that are more often referred to as option courses. These are the courses that students choose based on areas of interest. Students at Lakeland Ridge take 6 options courses throughout the year. The complementary courses are split into 2 semesters, meaning students will take 3 complementary courses during Semester 1 (September - January) and 3 complementary courses in Semester 2 (February - June). There are 2 exceptions to semestered courses which are French and Band. Each of these complementary courses are full year courses. If students select French or Band, they would count as 2 courses in their group of 6. Options offered include a variety of courses representing a diverse range of interest areas. There are also a number no-cost and low-cost options for families. 

All fees charged for complementary courses are cost-recovery. The course fee covers supplies that are consumed during the course. The field trip fee covers the expected expenses of anticipated field trip(s). Field trips are excellent opportunities for students to experience the course’s learning outcomes in a unique way outside of the classroom. The field trip fee is paid at the beginning of the semester so teachers can plan and budget for the proposed field trips. New, this year, field trips are optional for students. Therefore, families can make the decision to opt out of the field trip fee. If the decision is made to opt out of the field trip fee, students will not attend the course’s planned field trip(s). Students will still be expected to attend school those days and work will be provided. For course field trips to move forward, a minimum number of students opting in will be required. There are three courses where opting out of the field trip is not an option: Performing Arts, Recreational Fitness, and Technical Theatre. The Performing Arts and Technical Theatre field trip is an all-day, in-class workshop with outside guest experts who are paid a fee to come in and host sessions. Recreational Fitness is a field trip-based course. If students do not wish to participate in Recreational Fitness field trips, Sports Acceleration would be a good alternative option to choose.

Registration information, including the option descriptions, fees, and option selection information can be found on the Lakeland Ridge website: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9.


Student achievement in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies is represented with a percentage mark. In all other courses, Health, Physical Education and complementary courses, achievement is represented by a letter grade.

Using PowerSchool Student and Parent portals, students and parents can access student achievement information. Teachers update PowerSchool regularly, enabling students and parents to to review formative and summative assessments. If academic concerns arise, students or parents should address them first with teachers. Digital report cards are issued three times a year, in December, March and June. Student/parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year, in October and February. More information regarding Lakeland Ridge and EIPS assessment practices and policies can be found in our Guide to Reporting Student Achievement posted on our website. 

Student success in the area of academic achievement is recognized in an annual awards ceremony. 

Information about award categories and criteria will be shared in the fall and posted on the school website.


There are many extracurricular activities for students to be involved in at Lakeland Ridge. We have a strong athletics program with teams for cross country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton, handball, golf, and track and field. As well, we have an active intramurals program that runs during lunch that includes the Lakeland Hockey League. Athletic achievement is recognized in June in a junior high assembly. Excellence in athletics, athletic volunteerism, and intramural participation are celebrated during this assembly. 

Our Lakeland Wolves Performing Arts and Technical Theatre programs put on an incredible production each year, where students are encouraged to get involved on stage or behind the scenes. You do not need to be in Performing Arts or Technical Theatre complementary courses to be involved, but it does help for rehearsals. 

Citizenship and character education is one of our school goals. Community service is at the core of this goal. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in helping our school and community. Students can apply to be a part of the Linking Generations program and/or participate in the multiple initiatives planned throughout the school year such as, Cash for Care, Mitten Tree, and the annual Food Drive. There are also multiple clubs that students can join such as the junior high book club, SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance), and learning commons help.


School supplies lists are available on the Lakeland Ridge website. Lakeland Ridge School is continuing to offer school supply packages through Write-On Stationery for the 2020-21 school year.

If you choose to participate, 10% of your total order will be returned to Lakeland Ridge School as a fundraiser.


All junior high students are provided an upstairs locker and a gym locker. Only school-issued locks are to be used on student lockers. Lockers are the property of Lakeland Ridge school and subject to search if required. Gym clothes are required for Physical Education, Sports Acceleration and Recreational Fitness classes. 


In alignment with Elk Island Public Schools’ Personal Communication Devices Board Policy 24, Lakeland Ridge has a Personal Communication Device (PCD) Policy. Personal communication devices (PCDs) are any personal digital devices that connect to the internet through WiFi, cellular network or other mobile devices. 

Students in Grades 7 through 9 are not allowed access/use of a PCD at school at any time during regular school hours except during morning break (between periods 2-3) and during lunch hour. Devices that are brought to school are expected to stay in student lockers at all times except during the two aforementioned breaks.

The full cell phone policy along with consequences for not adhering to the policy can be accessed on the Lakeland Ridge website.


At Lakeland Ridge School, continuous attendance is necessary to maximize student learning. In accordance with the Education Act, Section 7 and Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) administrative procedures, with the right to an education comes the responsibility for regular attendance. Regular attendance is primarily the responsibility of the student and his/her parents or guardians.

Parents are asked to contact the school if their son/daughter will be absent from school. A message may be left if the call is placed outside of office hours. Parents are also encouraged to contact the school in advance to alert the school administration of extended periods of absence. If the school is not notified regarding a student absence, a school secretary will contact a parent to confirm the child’s absence.

Students are expected to arrive before the bell in order to be ready when the class begins. Should a student arrive at school after classes have commenced in the morning or afternoon, they should report to the office. The school secretary will record the time of the late and reason (excused with parent note) or unexcused. When students arrive late to classes not occurring first in the morning or afternoon, teachers will record the late.

The full attendance policy along with consequences for not adhering to the policy can be accessed on the Lakeland Ridge website.


To ensure you receive communications from Lakeland Ridge, please ensure that your information in PowerSchool, specifically your email address and phone numbers, is up-to-date. Lakeland Ridge sends communications through email using School Messenger. We also update our school website and Facebook page with school information. You can also find Lakeland Ridge on Twitter and Instagram


The above information is also available in a PDF format via this link.