Volleyball Howler Tournament

Lakeland Ridge "Howler" Junior Volleyball Tournament

Lakeland Ridge Wolves are excited to host 9 schools for the 2023 edition of The Howler.

Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, 2023

Court Locations
LLR 1 and LLR 2 – Lakeland Ridge Kona Gym (Main)

LLR 3 - Lakeland Ridge Mukluk Gym (Small)

HS 1 and HS 2 – Holy Spirit Gym

***All gyms are located at 101 Crimson Drive, Sherwood Park.

Start-time/Warm Up: All matches will start on time if at all possible. Warm up will be 10 minutes (4 minutes hitting and 1 minute serving each). If games fall behind, teams will hit and serve together (5 minute warm up).

Practice and Game Balls: Teams are required to bring their own practice balls (labeled clearly). Lakeland Ridge will supply game balls.

Food and Drink: No Food or drink other than water bottles are allowed in the gyms. A coaches room will be available with food and drinks for the duration of the tournament.

Officials: The officials will be high school volleyball players or former Lakeland Ridge players. Linesperson is to be supplied by each team.

Scoring System: All games will be using rally point scoring system.
All games will be best of 3. For the round robin stage, the first two games will be to 25, win by two points (cap at 27) the third game, if necessary, will be to 15 points (no cap). There will be no cap in the playoffs.

Rules C.V.A. rules with the following modifications:
• Net height – 2.15 m
• Players must serve underhand (contact with the ball below the waist with an arm-swing straight back and forward – no side arm).
• No libero

Junior Volleyball Tournament Schedule