If you love Volleyball and would like to play for Lakeland be prepared as this tryout starts the very first week of school. The Volleyball team has a quick start and goes through to November depending on playoffs. We have Jr. Boys and Girls and Sr. Boys and Girls teams at Lakeland Ridge. There are usually about 3 tournaments that start in September and are played on weekends, league games are played on weekdays against  the surrounding Schools. There are 2 practices a week. The coach of the year sets those, usually 1 early morning practice and 1 after school practice. Fees to play are approximately $180, this includes all tournaments and league games. There is a school provided Jersey that your athlete will be responsible to care for and return at the end of the season. Hope to see you out at our Lakeland Tryouts!!!

Please go to our Athletics Calendar at https://www.lakelandridge.ca/athletics/athletics-calendar to stay updated on tryouts, practices, games and tournaments. 

EIPS League Schedule:

Large School Volleyball League Schedule

EIPS League Scores and Standings as of October 24th, 2019:

Jr Boys And Girls Standings Large

Large School Results Vball

Sr Boys And Girls Standings

Lakeland Ridge "Howler" Junior Volleyball Tournament Oct. 25-26

Lakeland Ridge

Salisbury Senior Tournament Nov. 1 - 2

Sabre Spike Fest 2019 Schedule

Sabre Spike Fest Boys Playoffs 2019

Sabre Spike Fest Girls Playoffs 2019