Right along with badminton tryouts, team handball is also getting underway in mid-March. There are 4 teams to try-out for: Junior boys and girls and Senior boys and girls. All teams practice 2 times per week and participate in the EIPS handball league. To end the season, each team plays in the team handball provincials, usually held at Millennium Place on the first weekend in May. Fees are under $100 for the season.

Note: Even though badminton and handball seasons coincide, students are able to play on both teams as there are limited conflicts for games, practices and tournaments throughout the seasons.

2019 Season Information:


Handball Permission Letter


  • Ms. Jaclyn Roszell (jr/sr girls)
  • Mr. Brock Doerksen (jr/sr boys)
  • Mr. Rob Fisher (jr/sr boys)

Contact Information:

  • If you have questions or concerns please contact our athletics coordinator, Ryan Bachor, at ryan.bachor@eips.ca.