Grade 9 Options

Grade 9 Option Course Descriptions 2018-19

Dear Parents/Guardians:

 For the 2018-2019 school year, our junior high students automatically receive classes in:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Health
  • CTF (Construction, Foods and Fashion, and Tech Studies)

CTF Selections

For the first time, the grade nine students will have the opportunity to rank their preferences for the Career and Technology Foundation strands offered at Lakeland.  Students will complete one section of CTF, each semester. 

CTF: Foods

Love to Cook? Building on their skills and techniques, students will prepare a number of meal items inspired by global flavors.  Students will also learn the art of cake decorating by participating in the “LLR Cupcake Design Challenge”.

CTF: Fashion Studies

Students will learn how to determine pattern size, make alterations and select suitable fabric for a project of their choice.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in a “design on a dime” challenge by creating a DIY project using recycled/upcycled materials. For example a student may choose to recover an ottoman purchased at a thrift store or make a pillow from a favorite outgrown clothing item. Students are responsible for providing the fabric for their project

CTF: Construction

Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) provides students with practical, hands on learning

experiences. In CTF, students have the opportunity to solve problems and produce useable products.

This course will take an introductory look at Construction. Students will review how to safely use and care for tools and equipment. Further learning will involve researching and designing their project. Students will be learning a variety of machinery related to construction such as the band saw, scroll saw, wood lathe and a variety of sanding equipment. Students will then apply this knowledge to the construction of a project based upon their ability. (Depending on project chosen students may be responsible to provide some of the materials.)

 CTF: Technology Studies

(Formally App Savvy)

This course uses a project based and problem solving approach to teach students a variety of technology and Web 2.0 skills that go beyond basic computer skills. Through individual and group work, students will learn applications that increase their understanding of and ability with technology.



This class allows students to create projects using woods, metals, plastics and multi material construction projects.  Wood turning projects on the lathe will be explored.  Students will be able to construct a variety of projects and have the ability to design a custom project.


Students will have the opportunity to learn about art through various mediums.  In grade 9 student’s projects may include using acrylic paint, water color paint, mosaic tiles, soapstone, clay – hand building as well as the potter’s wheel. Students will learn about art from around the world and gain the basic subject vocabulary.


Band 9 is designed to develop well-rounded musicians, focusing on refining their musical and performance skills. Regular field trips include opportunities to perform at concerts and special events, an optional band camp, and attending an Edmonton Symphony Orchestra concert. Previous Band experience is required.


This course is for those students interested in creating a variety of 2D and 3D designs. Students have the option of taking original art work created by traditional sketching techniques or using graphic software to produce texture, shading, color, blending, layering, and fading techniques. Students can also create concept art and 3D renderings of cars, trucks, landscapes, buildings, and video game characters. The main focus of this course is for students to enhance their graphic portfolios (traditional and digital) with both 2D and 3D compositions with access to today’s latest software.


The drama program fosters a positive self-concept in students by encouraging them to explore life and express themselves. Students will participate in a variety of speaking and non-speaking roles. They will continue working on short plays and small group activities geared toward skill development. A final performance is an important part of the course.


Students will learn how to consider budget, time, food quality, and alternatives when buying, using, and making fast and convenient foods.   A significant portion of the course involves preparing and cooking various simple food dishes.


This class challenges students to learn a second language in a fun and innovative way! Students will study the following subject areas: Sports, Community and Housing.  Some activities students will participate in are: Planning a Travel Guide to France, building a vocabulary gingerbread house and participating in a French version of “Amazing Race”.  Students will be required to participate in oral classroom activities and complete written assignments.


Students will learn skills to develop and enhance their leadership capacity. Students will be required to commit to adopting a leadership role within the school and community. This will include team leader responsibilities in areas such as student interest groups, liaising with staff on school matters and governance, event/activity planning and implementation, humanitarian involvement, promotions, mentoring, school spirit, team retreats, etc.


Do you love the outdoors? During this course, students will learn skills, knowledge and attitudes that will prepare them for safe yet challenging outdoor experiences.  The course also aims to foster student awareness and involvement in the intricate connections between humanity and the natural world, as foundation for the development of responsible community members.  The students will learn to utilize the great outdoors as a classroom and incorporate many skills to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an optional camping trip.


Calling all actors, set designers, builders, painters and videographers.  We are looking for students who want to be involved in one or more of those elements for our school’s production at Festival Place.  This class gives a firsthand look at all elements involved in putting on a large scale theatre production. Whether you love acting, directing or set construction/painting, this class allows you to focus on that passion and play a key role in next year’s big show. Performing Arts class in NOT a requirement to be in the musical production.

Extra-Curricular Opportunity:

Aside from performing arts class, all junior high students will have the opportunity to be involved in our musical production of Shrek.  Student who sign up for this extra-curricular will be rehearsing or working on technical theatre elements on Monday’s after school from September until January, working on acting skills, choreography, set design, set construction,  costume design and costume creation. 5-6 Saturday rehearsals from September to December are scheduled as well. There will be 3 dress rehearsals in January as we prepare for our show week, which is at Festival Place January 22-26th, 2018. In addition, we provide after school study sessions to help students with homework prior to the show.

Busy with hockey, volleyball, dance etc. and can’t make all after school practices? No problem! Our program is designed to support and encourage students to be involved in all different activities. We will work with you both inside and outside of class time to catch you up and can craft a role for you that you’re most comfortable with.


This course is open to students who have previously demonstrated a positive attitude and genuine interest in PE. Course content includes fitness and training principles, sports safety, and an appreciation for sports leisure activities. It will encourage a healthy attitude combined with fair play and sportsmanship in recreational activities. Students will participate in a wide variety of sports and fitness activities, both on and off site. Please note that swimming is a required element of this course. Students who cannot swim will be given basic skill instruction in order to participate.


The goal of the course is to allow students to gain an understanding of sports training, anatomy, and physiology as well as have practice time for team sports. They will be instructed in and practice proper training in every discipline of sporting mastery. Students will gain greater knowledge of nutrition, anaerobic and aerobic training, as well as technical sport practice so they may implement personal training for their chosen team sport.


Students who are part of this course are immersed in the process of developing the school yearbook.  They influence the choice of theme, cover design and page layout to create a unique memory of the current year.  Students who participate in the course learn valuable skills in the areas of communication, creativity, organization, photography, computers and marketing/advertising, as well as responsibility to the larger student population.