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YRCA 2023 - Lakeland's Votes are In!

Lakeland's Choice for Elementary YRCA 2023

City Spies by James Ponti


Young Readers Choice Award Junior High Nominees 2023

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas


The official YRCA winners, as chosen by the Pacific Northwest Library Association, will be announced in early May.

Destiny Collections

If you're looking for books for certain grade levels or within specific genres, please try looking through our Collections.  If you log into Destiny with your student account, you can just click on "hold" or "add to favourites" when you find one you'd like.


Elementary (grades 3-6) Collection Examples

Great Chapter Books for Grade 3

Great Chapter Books for Grade 4

Great Chapter Books for Grades 5 & 6


Junior High - Young Adult (grades 7-9) Collection Examples

YA Biographies

YA Dystopian

YA Graphic Novels

YA Horror

YA Romance


Please contact Ms. Lake if you have any questions or a suggestion for another Collection we could add.