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Junior High: Final Exam Reminders

Our Junior High final exams begin on Tuesday, June 20. We encourage all students to study and prepare for their upcoming final exams. If your child is finding this time stressful, please remind them that these exams are a snapshot of their learning and are not the only measure teachers use to finalize marks.


Common Exams are written in all Elk Island Public Schools by Grade 7 and Grade 8 students. Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT) are written by all Grade 9 students in the province.

Tuesday, June 20 

~ Periods 1-4: ELA Part B Final Exam

~ Periods 5 and 6: Students will have an opportunity to complete course work and review with teachers for the upcoming exams. 

Wednesday, June 21

~ National Indigenous Peoples Day - No final exams

~ Periods 1-6: Regular Scheduled Classes

Thursday, June 22

~ Periods 1 and 2: Math Part A Final Exam

~ Period 3: Locker Clean Out - more information below

~ Period 4: Regular Scheduled Classes

~ Periods 5 and 6: Math Study and Review Sessions

Friday, June 23: 

~ Periods 1-4: Math Part B Final Exam

~ Periods 5 and 6: Social Studies Study and Review Sessions

Monday, June 26

~ Periods 1-4: Social Studies Final Exam

~ Periods 5 and 6: Science Study and Review Sessions

Tuesday, June 27

~ Periods 1-4: Science Final Exam

~ Periods 5 and 6: Last instructional day/Exam Catch-Up



~ Please ensure your child arrives on time and is well-rested. 

~ Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and a snack to their exams.

~ Students may not have any wearable devices, cell phones, or backpacks in the exam room. Students will be asked to place these items in their locker. After locks are removed from student lockers on Thursday, teachers will provide a place in the exam writing room for students to leave their cell phone when completing the exam. 

~ Students should bring review material, a reading book, or other work to complete if they finish the exam early. 

~ Supervising teachers will release students at approximately 10:30-10:45AM if they have completed their exams. 

~ If needed, students will have until the lunch bell to complete their exam.  



On the days students write exams, there will be study sessions hosted by teachers in the afternoon to help students prepare for the next exam. This time can also be used to complete option course projects and any other outstanding assignments.


Students who are absent for a final exam will be given an opportunity to write the exam when they return. Students will be supervised in a designated classroom and given time to write the missed exam when they arrive or in the afternoon.


Please remember that all students must be excused from school by a parent/guardian if they are not going to attend a portion of the day. You can submit your child’s attendance through the school website, via email, or by phone (780-416-9018). Please state in your correspondence the dates and periods that your child will be excused (i.e., Periods 5 and 6 on all exam days). Excused students must leave the school and school grounds.


On Thursday, June 22 students will clean out their lockers and turn in their locks. Grade 7, 8 and 9 students will report to their block 3 class for attendance and to receive instructions regarding locker clean out. Students should bring additional bags so they can take all their belongings home on Thursday.


Students can return their textbooks to the library the morning of each exam.


Grade 7 and 8 final marks will be published on PowerSchool and report cards will be available by 3:30PM on June 27 on the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portals. Alberta Education requires schools to report the unofficial PAT results to Grade 9 families at the end of the school year. Letters will be sent home after June 27 when the PAT’s are complete. 

We wish all of our students success on their final exams. Our Junior High students have worked hard this year and we are proud of all their  accomplishments. 

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 780-416-9018.


LLR School Staff and Administration

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