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Hot Lunch Orders

This is just a friendly reminder that the website is now open for our January - March hot lunch orders! 

We have some great vendors on the menu for this round, so please remember to order and pay in full prior to our deadline, which is SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18th. 

Also remember, this is a major fundraiser for our great school!  Any proceeds raised from your hot lunch orders go towards paying for the "extras" that our kids would not otherwise be able to enjoy. 

Happy ordering!!

Kathi Engel

LLR Hot Lunch Coordinator


Welcome to a brand new school year!  A special welcome to those families who have just joined our Wolf Pack!  We hope you have started to settle in comfortably and feel welcomed in our school!


To start off the school year on the right note, the Lakeland Ridge Parent Action Society (a.k.a. PAS, the fundraising branch of the school) is very excited to be able to bring back our hot lunch program to our students, starting on Monday, October 24th, and then occurring approximately once a month throughout the school year.


This program has proven to be our school’s LARGEST SOURCE OF FUNDRAISING year after year, so we strongly encourage all of you to participate!  It not only benefits our school directly but it takes a little bit of pressure off you parents from packing lunches day after day!  Also, remember that you only have to order for the hot lunch dates that you want your kids to enjoy, not every date! AND we split the year into 4 ordering periods so if you miss a period you can join in again at the next order period.

Starting this FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2022, we will be opening the Hot Lunch website ( for online orders. We will be accepting orders until the end of day on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2022.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any late orders, as it is crucial that we get the hot lunch orders into the vendors with enough time for them to prepare for them.


For those parents with child(ren) in the Tuesday/Thursday Kindergarten (K2) class,


You still order for our Monday hot lunches, however we have made special arrangements for those lunches to be prepared and distributed to your kiddos on Tuesday.


***IMPORTANT: With a new year comes new classrooms and teachers so, whether you’re new to the school or you're a long-term wolfpack member, it will be necessary for you to REGISTER yourself and your child(ren) on the hot lunch website the first time you log in.


**Unfortunately, should your child(ren) be absent on hot lunch day, we are NOT able to refund the cost of pre-paid lunches or to reassign them to another student. Absentee hot lunch orders will be sent to the office.**




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