Jr. High Intramurals

Our Intramural program for junior high students starts within the first few weeks of the school year and will run until mid June.  Activities and games run during the recess portion of the lunch hour and offer opportunities for students of all interests and athletic abilities a chance to participate.  Operating three to four days week it also allows for some free gym time for those who may not be interested in the current activity to still get gym time for their own interests. From its competitive games to the more relaxed activities the funny team names and coordinated efforts to dress in a crazy way, we have something for everyone. Some of our highly anticipated seasons include:

Flag Football: Set up to be a league where highly skilled players do not separate their teams from the pack thus allowing for greater success with all ability levels. 

Chaos: One of our most popular gym games turns competitive with smaller teams and highly motivated players.  Makes for some fast-paced intense game play which truly brings out the games name in its chaotic sequences.

Dodgeball: So popular we are able to offer various leagues and levels including all girls’ teams and even having a few grade 6 teams join the fray. Played by international accepted official dodgeball rules, it can become the game everyone expects it to be as seen in movies and more.

Volleyball: Rules to limit current Wolves from stacking teams have made this a very popular league with upwards of ten to twelve teams joining the league annually.  Playoffs always prove to be intense as teams try to find ways to defeat the ever-strong staff entry into this league.

3 on 3 Basketball: Just like on the playground except now were keeping score. A fast-paced league which doesn’t last too long as up to six games can be played a day.  Blink and you'll miss this one.

Our crown jewel of the intramural program, The Lakeland Floor Hockey League: With set teams with adult General Managers which return year after year this league offers opportunity and success for anyone who wants to play.  With highly skilled hockey players around it can be intimidating for non-hockey players to want to sign up, but our league sets a level playing field for everyone.  It starts with the captain’s draft, where grade 9s can sign up to be selected by a general manager and then later they team up to draft the remaining players on their team.  Round robin style league then sets the bracket for the playoffs where the game shifts from half court to full court intensity.  Always a fan favorite where games can draw standing room only crowds, it’s a great way for everyone to be involved even if they aren’t on a team.  Who will it be this year? Whether its the mighty Titans, the ferocious Beasts, the high-octane Blades, the elusive Sasquatches, or any of our teams playing, you can count on great fun to be had by all.

For more information in leagues and activities feel free to contact Mr. Fisher.