Is Basketball something that interests you? We have Jr. and Sr. teams at Lakeland Ridge. This season starts shortly after the Volleyball season ends with tryouts around mid to late November. Basketball is the longest season played at Lakeland with playoffs starting the beginning of March. Our Sr. teams start a tournament before Christmas and our Jr. teams have a tournament right after the Christmas break. We play the other public schools in Sherwood Park for our League games. Jr. teams have 3-4 tournaments on weekends, plus two practices usually 1 morning, 1 after school depending on coach availability. Sr. teams have 4-5 tournaments on weekends and 2 practices a week, 1 morning 1 after school depending on coaches. League games are on Tuesdays or Thursdays for both ages. Fees are anywhere between $200-$250. We hope to see you on the court.

Below you will find the league and practice schedules from the 2018-19 season as a reference.


2019 BBall Large School League Schedule

Tournaments for the 2018-19 season:


  • Dec 13 – 15 EIPS
  • Jan 11/12 – Ardrossan
  • Jan 17-19 – LLR
  • Feb 14-16 – Sal
  • Feb 22/23 – Facey


  • Jan 10 – 12 EIPS
  • Jan 17-19 – Riverbend (girls) and Millwoods Christian (boys)
  • Jan 22-25 - Edith Rogers
  • Feb 22/23 – LLR