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Ms. Laura Dahl

I am a huge lover of and advocate for the arts and humanities. I was raised in Sherwood Park, belonging to a family that greatly values the fine arts. My entire life has been full of a variety of lessons and performances, all throughout my education continuing into my career! I adore books, movies, music, cuisine, travel, art, and close friendships.  My greatest passion, however, is musical theatre. Outside of Wolves Drama, I also enjoy performing, directing, coordinating theatre programs and camps for youth, and producing shows with my theatre companies within the community.

Since starting my teaching career, I have always taught both a mix of core subjects and the dramatic arts. I have been a teacher in Elk Island Public Schools since 2005, but have just joined Lakeland’s awesome Wolfpack starting the 2018/2019 school year. In this ever changing career, I love the many opportunities I have to see my students gain knowledge and form opinions, or find their tribe, or discover talents and develop  passion for the arts. Jr High is a brutal time of life...I’m honoured to be here in the trenches, supporting our kiddos.

As both a teacher and a mom, I feel strongly that school should be a place where young people learn to positively contribute to society and to be decent human beings. I believe that personally connecting with other people, and truly understanding that we all have value and deserve to be safe and happy is of utmost importance for today’s youth. I try to exemplify these values as well as provide opportunities for students to do the same in class, in our school community, and in extracurricular activities.

Please take the opportunity to let your student show you around our google classroom, where they will find assignments and materials. Using their EIPS email addresses, students will sign up with our specific class code.